Photo by Fred Lohn

Just a reminder - if you have a boat, trailer, or kayak  stored on the upper field, or kayak racks,  it is highly recommend you check on it during the off season months.  A trailer lock is also recommended.   A current registration is required to store any boat/trailer on ILBC's property.

Please contact Kim Thomasson with any questions or concerns regarding boat storage on the property or pier.


The ILBC Sailing program is working towards creating a members 
based Sailing Program focusing on seamanship, racing, safety and rules of the road.   We are also looking at a format change.   For Example: 1-2 nights/evenings for class work/training with 1 day racing and maybe another in fine-tuning your skills.  I am asking for feedback from members with children that might be interested.  We want to re-ignite the Sailing Program around Club Members with a more Sailing/Racing focus.    

​Please email Kathleen Kennedy with feedback or suggestions.

Kathleen Kennedy
ILBC Junior Sailing & Boating Program Coordinator


Anyone interested in paddling with other members of the club are encouraged to contact Beth Rogers or Margaret Radford. Some activities could include: 

•  A regular early morning or evening time to paddle from ILBC

•  Trip to other local paddling places

•  Overnight camp/kayaking trips

•  Full Moon paddles

•  Practice rescues, rolling, try out other boats

•  Get an expert from the Chesapeake Paddlers Association to come and "coach" us

​This is a good way to connect with other paddlers and all levels are welcome. if you don't have a boat and want to try kayaking let Beth Rogers know and we might be able to set something up.