Anyone interested in paddling with other members of the club are encouraged to contact Beth Rogers or Margaret Radford. Some activities could include: 

•  A regular early morning or evening time to paddle from ILBC

•  Trip to other local paddling places

•  Overnight camp/kayaking trips

•  Full Moon paddles

•  Practice rescues, rolling, try out other boats

•  Get an expert from the Chesapeake Paddlers Association to come and "coach" us

​This is a good way to connect with other paddlers and all levels are welcome. if you don't have a boat and want to try kayaking let Beth Rogers know and we might be able to set something up.


Just a reminder - if you have a boat, trailer, or kayak  stored on the upper field, or kayak racks,  I highly recommend you check on it and make sure it made it through the winter.  I also recommend a trailer lock.  We had a misfortunate incident  where a new trailer was stolen from the field.   Please think about trailer locks, and if you don’t move the trailer on the main roads, think about removing the license plate.  Remember you still need to show a valid registration and tags each year when you register the boat or trailer.


The sailing program is being temporarily suspended for 2019.
This is due to many reasons:  changes in the Counties Program requirements, lack of qualified instructors,  and most importantly  the desire to redesign the program from a Camp environment to a Members based Sailing Program focusing on seamanship, racing, safety and rules of the road.   We are also looking at a format change.   For Example: 1-2 nights/evenings for class work/training with 1 day racing and maybe another in fine-tuning your skills.  I am asking for feedback from members with children that might be interested.  We want to re-ignite the Sailing Program around Club Members with a more Sailing/Racing focus.    

​Please email James Jeffcoat with feedback or suggestions.

James Jeffcoat
ILBC Junior Sailing & Boating Program Coordinator
email: SailingILBC@gmail.com